What Can make Anime So Well known?

Anime has become a phenomena. There are more and more Anime series and films are released each year, and the number of Anime people around the globe keeps on increasing as well. The popularity of a particular Anime series that becomes a hit TV series generally lasts for years. Eventhough the show has ended on the television station where it was aired, fans are always looking for their own copy of the series and watch it again and again. Some might ask: What's the secret behind the success of Anime? What qualities does Anime has that can't be discovered on its Western counterparts? In this article I'll attempt to point out the main factors behind the success of Anime.

The excitement and the complexity allows for a wider spectrum in viewers.While cartoons, that were made in Western countries mainly targets youngsters as their primary audience, Anime, on the contrary, is aimed at more viewers. In actual the bulk of the dedicated Anime audience are teenagers and people in their early to mid 20's. In most cases, while youngsters enjoy the thrilling action and fight scenes adult viewers and younger audiences are drawn to the richness of the narrative and the content that is emotional. The majority of Anime series mix action, comedy, and drama.

The main characters develop and improve their skills as the story progress.
Unlike in most western cartoons, wherein after the hero is established as its character , there's only a small amount (often not much) for improvement, Anime characters grow as the story goes along. An excellent example would be"DragonballZ "Dragonball Z" characters, who use "power degrees" to highlight the growth in the character's combat skills. In the sports Anime titles "Slam Dunk Team Shohoku" and "Hajime No Ippo" the main characters learn different techniques during every game. The most thrilling moment in an episode or Anime series is when the villain and the other characters are awed by ดูอนิเมะ the hero's new ability.

Making viewers look out for episodes to come.
The majority of Anime series manage to get viewers "hooked". Through leaving the story unfinished at the end of every episode, viewers will watch out for the next and will not wish to miss an episode. In most action Anime series, the battle against the heroes and the villain can last for several episodes while keeping each episode distinct from the previous.

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